Vol. 25 No. 1 (2011)

Digital Learners in Higher Education: A Research Project Update

Tannis Morgan
Justice Institute of BC
Mark Bullen
BC Institute of Technology

Published 2011-02-07


  • digital learners,
  • educational technology

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Morgan, T., & Bullen, M. (2011). Digital Learners in Higher Education: A Research Project Update. International Journal of E-Learning & Distance Education Revue Internationale Du E-Learning Et La Formation à Distance, 25(1). Retrieved from https://ijede.ca/index.php/jde/article/view/730


This article provides an update of the Digital Learners in Higher Education Research project. In Phase 1 of the project, concluded that there is no empirically-sound basis for most of the claims that have been made about the net generation. It also found there are no meaningful differences between net generation and non-net generation students at this institution in terms of their use of technology, nor in their behavioural characteristics and learning preferences at one Canadian postsecondary institution. Phase 2 of the study will explore the “whys” of these findings, with the intention of informing teaching and learning practices.